Living Life To The Fullest

How can I know joy (in ALL circumstances)? 

This is a story about a journey to joy. It's three stories actually: 1. Jesus’ Journey to Joy, 2. My Journey to Joy, and 3. Your Journey to Joy. 

We all experience our share of good times and bad times – often concurrently. How great it would be to know joy through every station of life’s journey! That's the question this guide seeks to answer. Because to know joy not in a few circumstances, not in most circumstances, but in ALL circumstances is life changing! 

Designed for individuals, small group Bible studies, families, and challenge-seekers, A Family Guide to Joy (in ALL Circumstances), will encourage you on Your Journey to Joy: 1. You’ll be inspired by Jesus’ Journey to Joy. 2. You’ll learn over 100 lessons you can apply to your life. 3. You’ll think and talk through over 80 targeted questions about your own Journey to Joy. 4. You’ll be issued a challenge at the end of each chapter – 12 in all – that will grow your faith.

A Family Guide to Joy (in ALL Circumstances) is a quick read about how we can know joy by following Jesus through all of our trials. You’ll look at joy in a completely new way!