Print On Demand Publishing, Book Marketing And Book Sales for The Christian Author

Advertise Your Book On 100 Separate Sites

If you have published a book with a print on demand publisher or have self published through some other means, you will soon find out what all authors soon learn. That most publishers publish and print books, but perform very little author promotions and book marketing for the author.

Sure you can order the standard book marketing packages and get your books in the online data base and even on Amazon. However, there are millions of books in those data basis and listed on endless online bookstore data basis. One question. What are the chances of someone magically searching for you as a author by your name, your book by it's title or the ISBN number? It rarely happens. The truth and reality is that you must promote yourself as a author and market your book to perspective book buyers if you want to sell books.

There are way too many struggling authors that have fallen for the big number catches. Get your book listed on 25,000 online bookstores. Sounds impressive and actually the numbers are, but again the problem is that there you are amidst the millions of other authors and books and no one knows who you are or the title of your book.

You must create and find ways to create strategic expanded marketing if you want to find success which leads to the next problem, which is, that most authors and writers are not marketing professionals or online specialists.

I am amazed at all the posts, interactions and comments that authors place in author sites hoping to sell copies of their books, to whom, but other authors. Just imagine if one took all that time, effort and interaction and used targeted marketing. That's not to say that the interactions are a waste of time because there are great things to be learned by other authors.

If you are looking for some strategic expanded author promotions and book marketing contact us. We can create a author promotions and marketing plan that will help you get the exposure you need while expanding your online presence and reach into additional communities, networks and social communities. Then maybe some book lovers will know who you are, the title of your book and how to find you.

Contact CBM Christian Book Marketing for all your book marketing needs. Other services include, book reviews, book trailers, author press releases, book cover designs, author website designs and expanded online marketing.