What Others Say

I am truly impressed with your network. What a great service for authors. ~Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Thank you so much for all you are doing! You are such a blessing! You are doing a wonderful job in getting the word out. Thank you for that ~ Deborah McCarragher, Author of Mission Possible

The blog site looks fabulous. Once again, thank you for your marvelous help. ~ Patricia Bridewell, Author Of Reflections Of A Quiet Storm

Thanks! I appreciate all of your help with my book’s promotions. May Father Yahweh bless you for your work in expanding His Kingdom. ~ Perry Ennis, Author Of The Second Coming

Thanks, the blog looks good. I wish I could do blogs like you can & with your speed. ~ Alexander Vassilieff, Author Of Odysseya

I recently had the opportunity to work with Smitty in regard to marketing my new release, Flaherty's Crossing. All I can say is every dollar has been well-spent. He is incredibly detailed, professional, and caring. My name, book, and trailer have appeared on hundreds of sites and the exposure has been unbelievable. As a direct result of his tremendous efforts, Flaherty's Crossing has become one of the hottest and most ordered items at Champagne Books. I truly can't recommend anyone more highly. ~Kaylin McFarren, Author Flaherty's Crossing