Divine Hope - The Lord Is My Helper

Hebrews 13:6 So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”   Divine hope enables you to boldly proclaim you do not have to fear, because the Lord is your helper. You might be facing mountainous obstacles, such as poor health, lack of finances to meet pressing needs, but you don’t have to be afraid, when you are expecting the Lord to meet them. When people are attacking you, don’t be afraid, if your confidence is in the Lord. Instead of looking at the need, look to the One who can solve the problem, and wants to help you. Fill your spirit with the promises of God that show He wants to meet the need, and then expect Him to honor His Word in your life.

Training In The Christian Faith

Sound doctrine and key foundational principles make this workbook a basic guide into understanding scriptural truths represented in the Bible, creating a firm Biblical foundation to build upon.  

Fundamental in nature, these principles build faith and instruct new and mature believers alike with a broad knowledge of the many fundamentals and facets of the Gospel. Confusion is laid aside and a deep appreciation for all that Christ has done for us will arise.

Author, speaker, and Bible instructor, Craig T. Feigh, presents Christian Basic Training: The Basic Foundational Principles of the Christian Faith ~ Simple, Biblical and Foundational, this comprehensive Bible Study workbook is an easy-to-use guide that has been developed specifically for Christians to better understand the basics of their Christian faith.

America is a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles, yet alarming statistics (as represented by a recent ABC poll) reveal that, “. . .89% of Americans (267 million) claim to believe in God, yet 66% of those (200 million) doubt that they will ever get to Heaven!” 

Within this statistic, Feigh sheds light on the increasing need for Christians to understand basic principles that are foundational to the Christian faith.

Recommended as a Study Guide for individual instruction or within a group setting, each short chapter addresses many of the questions that one might have regarding eternal life, salvation, sin, the heavenly realm, angels, demons, the Fall, Adam and Eve, the righteousness of God, sanctification and so much more. At the end of each chapter is a short quiz that has been designed to help readers remember the key points of each section. ~ Christian Basic Training by Craig T. Feigh

A Young Man’s Search For The True Meaning In Life

Christian Author Chuck DeHann releases a wonderful new book, The Makin' of a Cowboy Evangelist. Eric is a young cowboy in his mid-twenties, a drifter, in search of purpose in his life. He seeks to fill the emptiness that he feels in his soul and has questions that are burning deep within him. 

Stumbling upon a bookstore and a Bible, and with the help of a friendly clerk, his questions get answered. He has found a new friend, the Bible and God!

Coupled with original, hand-sketched artwork by the author, each chapter leads the reader on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Eventually finding his life purpose, this delightful read reveals God’s amazing love for all His creation and invites you to begin on your own God adventure.

Horse Trainer, Rodeo Contestant, cutting and reining horse trainer, Chuck DeHaan’s book sheds light
on God’s salvation through His Word, the Bible. Showcasing the Bible and the great peace that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ, this book is captivating and inspiring with a Western theme throughout. Well-written and fast-paced, readers will enjoy this young man’s search for true meaning in life.

 The Makin' of a Cowboy Evangelist in Kindle.


Overcome and Combat Distractions

Find hope, peace, joy and victory through this powerful read that will bring new enhanced vision in the spiritual realm around you that will impact your life and bring transformation. 

Christian author Margie Fleurant presents, Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Visiongiving practical Biblical wisdom and understanding to help readers focus on their Kingdom destiny and win the race!

As mentioned in scripture, The Kingdom of God is like a race. Only the well-trained, focused athletes keep their eye on the prize and do well. As a must-read, Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision is for every mature Christian that seeks to do the will of God and hear, “Well done my true and faithful servant.” 

A unique, powerful and eye-opening book, author, founder and president of The River Ministries speaks truth to readers and builds up the Body of Christ through identifying the distractions in one’s life that disarm individuals from finding God’s plan and purpose for their lives. Satan is a master deceiver. For one to wage war and see clearly with spiritual vision, one must know the tactics of his or her enemy.

Discover in an easy-to-read format:

  • Understand the top ten distractions that hinder an individual’s spiritual walk;
  • Overcome and combat distractions, false beliefs and bring right heart attitudes;
  • Discern the spiritual atmosphere and find peace in God;
  • Discover your role and destiny in the Kingdom of God;
  • Find strength and joy in putting your hope in Christ.

With much wisdom and keen spiritual insight, this book offers encouragement, inspiration and sound instruction to get past distractions from the enemy of our soul.  
Christian Book Blasts using the power of Christian Book Marketing.

Overcoming Deep Sorrow and Pain

Life has it's way pf chipping away at us. As an adult it amazes me the things that we go through growing up as a child and into our teenage and adult years. 

When I look back over the years, I see things that just made no sense at the time. Situations, circumstances, deep hurts, loss and down right confusing issues at times.

Her is one author's story of her life and the things that she encountered.  It Was Not My Fault! All the Glory to God by Rachel Lee White is a faith-filled and unique book of prayers bringing to light her own experiences that relays the message to readers in that we over come by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.

This book offers hope to others that as the author notes from Creflo Dollar as famously spoke, “Your past does not determine your future.”

From Early Childhood, to Young Adulthood, and Middle Adulthood to Present Day that are designed to relate to God. Readers will find this book an inspiration as to how to know and draw near to our Father in Heaven through the connection of prayer.

Born out of much grief, her story is heartbreaking as she was orphaned at the age of 10 by violence that penetrated her home through her father who wounded her mother, which led to her death and his eventual suicide. Raised by her grandmother, the chronic grief opened unwanted “drama” in the author’s life. Finding herself with 2 babies and homeless by the age of 18, she was persuaded by Child Services to give her children to Foster Care, and soon followed their adoption.

Applying the beauty of the truth of God’s Word, this book comes highly recommended as an inspirational tool to young adults (especially young teenage girls) that need to understand that nothing is their fault (as the title denotes) and that God is able to complete the work He has begun. 

An amazing short prayer testimonial filled with Scriptural and foundational truths that renew the mind that will catapult readers towards thankfulness and the amazing love and grace of God. You may get your copy of It Was Not My Fault! All the Glory to God at Amazon or in Kindle. You may visit Rachel at her website, The Disciples of the Blood of the Lamb for more information and some great ministry.

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CBM Christian Book Review ~ A Passion for Freedom

CBM proudly presents a wonderful read that shares passion, freedom, excellence, love for God and love for country. 
A Passion for Freedom by Carl Morris is our greatest gift that offers a culmination of poetic endeavors that inspire, encourage and bring back patriotism to the great America that we live in. 

Founded on Biblical principles, one will find these poems ignited with faith, love, perseverance and wisdom. The book is dedicated to not only God, but to all the individuals who sacrificed their time and life for this great country we live in. This book is written for America to get back on track to the values that our forefathers began this great nation. It is a visionary book with insight and instigation to bring the fires of revival into your heart to make a change in the world and within families. From service to being a father, many life subjects bring hope and reminders of just what is really important in this life. This book may just be the fuel you need to begin your own journey to purpose in God and to really living.

An excellent literary experience! Highly recommended for those who value core Biblical principles, love the freedom we enjoy in America, those who want to see coming revival and a turning toward godly principles and values, for those who value family and for those visionaries who have a dream, but need the encouragement to go forward. If that describes you, then this book is for you. 

Christian Book Release: A Passion for Freedom
Christian Author: Carl Morris
Book Order Number ISBN #978-1498417013
CBM Christian Book Reviews
Scoring: 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

For more information visit A Passion For Freedom
You may also get your copy of A Passion for Freedom at Amazon 
or in Kindle.

Christian Authors using Book Reviews and
Christian Book Marketing through CBM.

Christian Author Book Testimonials

When it comes to promoting and marketing your new Christian book release, hear what other authors say about the services of CBM. The following testimonies are from Christian authors just like you and are found on CBM Christian Book Marketing's main website testimonial page.

It is with great pleasure I take this opportunity to praise God on behalf of CBM Christian Book Marketing for professionally creating the marketing package for my book as a new author.  Contacting CBM, especially Smitty, can be described as a divine appointment designed for me to fulfill God’s purpose towards writing for His glory.  Without any explanations, Smitty was able to choose the perfect theme for my author site and video book trailer. Not only did he provide the promotion service with a reasonable price, he also educated me in so my ways for future reference.  I want to express my gratitude toward Smitty for going beyond expectations with kindness, patience and professionalism. To God be the glory and honor forevermore! ~ Christian Author Marie Nadeige Maurice

I am so pleased with CBM and Smitty who did an excellent review of my little Christian Book, The GIFT. Smitty is a gift with his creative writing talent, desire to please AND help aspiring Christian authors market their books. CBM Christian Book Marketing is eager to help, encouraging, and easy to work with. ~ Christian Author Lila Senter

After the release of my first book, Put Away Childish Things, I found that writing the book was the easy part. The challenge came as I began to spread the word about the book beyond my circle of friends. CBM Christian Book Marketing provided a degree of expertise in the field that I did not possess. Their contacts in the industry proved helpful in creating a broader presence in the Christian marketplace. When I released The Chase I came immediately to CBM to take advantage of their insight and knowledge to help me gain exposure much earlier in my sales process.  "Smitty and others seem to care sincerely about my success. I'm grateful for the relationship and the positive impact CBM has already made on my sales. If you get a chance to work with them, I think you will find it an overwhelmingly positive experience. ~ Dr. Kirk Lewis

I have used Christian Book Marketing for a variety of services. Working with Smitty is a true pleasure. He is always professional and Christ-like. It is obvious that CBM is not only a business but also a ministry. Smitty is always accommodating making sure the services are exactly as I want them. I have used their services for two books and have been well pleased with every service they have rendered.~ Pastor and Christian Author, Rusty Kuhn

I am so grateful to Smitty at CBM Christian Book Marketing for his promotion of my award-winning christian children's books. His personal attention and professional expertise have allowed me to share my books with an ever-expanding market - and, for me, sharing my books with children is what it's all about...  The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, Santa's Birthday Gift, & Gimme-Jimmy. ~ Multi Award-Winning Author Sherrill S. Cannon

When it comes to marketing your new Christian book, contact CBM Christian Book Marketing.

The Importance Of Book Marketing Within The Publishing Process

Publishing a Christian book is a huge task. I'm sure that most authors would agree that writing the book is the fun part. Then comes book editing, proofreading, interior book design, layout, the print ready file, book cover design and getting your work into print or eBook form.

Yet there is another part of the equation that is just as important as all the above and something that should be well thought out and put into motion prior to publishing and releasing your new title. 

Christian Book Marketing is essential for every authors that has the desire to get the word out about their new book release.

Many times authors will wait until their books are published and available to pursue a book marketing plan. This is a huge mistake simply because it takes time to put a marketing plan in order and into motion. Consider the following:
  • An Author's Site
  • Coming Soon Book Release Marketing
  • The Importance Of Book Reviews
  • The Power of Book Review Marketing
  • Author Press Releases
  • Video Book Trailer Productions
  • Video Book Trailer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
The above are just a few of the things that every author needs to put into place and into motion prior to their book being released, as their book is being released and as follow up marketing after their book hits the marketing.

If you are getting ready to publish a book or have just released one, contact Smitty at CBM Christian Book Marketing at kingdomexpansion1 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com 

Don't wait until it's too late to put your marketing plan into place. It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to book sales.

Book Signing Events, Local Churches, Sowing Seed

Looking for a great way to share your book with others in Christ and be a blessing to a local church or ministry? Contact local churches in your area and ask if you can have a book signing event and offer to donate a portion of the book sales to the church's youth group, children's ministry, or food outreach

This is a wonderful way to share your book, your ministry and simply meet others in Christ. Most churches will allow you to have a book signing at their church during one of their services under these circumstances. 

CBM offers expanded online Christian Book Marketing, offering a variety of services such as book reviews, author site creations, social media book blasts and other great services. Contact us at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot) com. We can get you instant and expanded exposure.

For your book editing needs, contact you Christian book editor at Christian Book Editing. They can fine tune your manuscript without making changes to your writing style or story-line.

Christian Book Marketing, Book Signing Information

Christian Book Signings

Book signings are by far the best way to open the door with regards to making a connection with a Church or Bookstore and especially for the first time author. Book signings are personal, upfront and book store customers really like visiting a book signing table, meeting an author and getting a signed copy of their book. This is good for the bookstore also, as it adds something of interest for it's customers. 

Getting Started

Send a letter of introduction that shares about you as author and your book.
Request a book signing event at the church or bookstore.
Offer to donate a portion of the book sales to the church, church youth group or other inner church ministry. 
For bookstores, offer to either give a percentage to the bookstore, or donate a percentage to a local charity of their choice. 

Have a raffle for a few free books. Make the event fun.
Perform follow up communications by phone.

From experience helping authors in the past set up book signings at local churches and bookstores, the average sales per event averaged 200 to 300 books. Considering the profit margin on the book sales was right at $7.00 00 to $9.00 per author purchased copy, that's not a bad payday for talking with others in Christ, sharing views and signing books.

This further promotes you as a local author. Once you get your first book signing under your belt at a local church or bookstore. It gives you the ability to share that with other potential bookstore managers or churches. 

Take pictures of your first event so that you can add such to your author media package or scrapbook. Ask the local church or bookstore manager of your first event if you can use them as a reference when the book event concludes. A successful book signing event recommendation just adds to your portfolio. 

First Steps

First you need some sort of media package that you can send either by email or through the mail services. Your media package should be as follows:

A professionally detailed letter of introduction and request for a book signing.
A professionally written Press Release that carries a name of Integrity within the Christian Book Industry.

* Contact me for further information on creating a more professional media package.

You can get very detailed in creating a Author's Media Package; however, don't let that intimidate you. A simple Author's Media Package can open a door just as much as an extravagant Author's Media Package can.

Sending The Author's Media Package

Through the postal services.
By email.
In person. ( For local churches in the area, you might consider making contact in person. If your budget permits offer a free copy of your book to the person that you speak with. 

Who Do I Contact At The Church Or Local Christian Bookstore?

Address your letter of introduction to the Senior Pastor of the church. This will insure that either the Senior Pastor received the media package or that it will be placed in the right hands. Most Senior Pastors have secretaries that process incoming mail for the Senior Pastor. Therefore, it should get into the right hands.

The Bookstore Manager at your local bookstore.

My First Book Signing - Promote It.

Yes, with the church or bookstores' permission and some local newspapers and radio stations will run the announcement for free. Simply contact your local newspaper of Christian radio station and ask.

The Follow Up

Within 7 days to 10 working days of sending the Author's Media Package to the local churches in your area ( you can determine how many miles you are willing to travel ). The next step would be to follow up with a personal phone call and perform some follow up with regards to the media package that you sent. This of course is only necessary if the church has yet to contact you.

Building Your Online Presence. A Must

In presenting yourself as a Christian author, it is also recommended that you build a professional online presence in having an author's site. Within this, you can share the site address in your corresponding letters and Media Package. This provides the person that you are making contact with the option to visit your author's site and find out more about you as author and your book.

My Book Signing Day

Every authors situation is different. However, in a nut shell your book signing table and display is very important. Contact us by email and we will send you some basic information on how to create a great book signing display that will fit into your budget.

Contact CBM Christian Book Marketing for further information about your Author's Media Package. Contact me by email and I will answer any questions that you may have. We further offer CBM Christian Author Press Releases, CBM Book Reviews and create Author Sites, all which can be used in your Author's Media Package. Additional services include Video Book Trailer Productions, 100 site Book Blast, Author Article Blasts, Social Media and other expanded online marketing. 

CBM also offers proofreading, book editing, interior book design, print ready files for book publishing and we can even help you set up an account to publish your book.

Let's make your book signing event a success that opens the door to many other successful book signing events.


Christian Book Reviews by Christian Book Reviewers

Christian Book Reviews are a part of every Christian authors promotional picture. We see them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, on author websites, author blogs, in social communities and on other author and book related sites all over the Internet. They are essential and simply a part of the promotional book marketing arena and are a very powerful marketing tool.

Let CBM perform your next book review. Contact them at kinhdomexpansion(at)gmail(dot)com

Marketing Christian Books

When it comes to Marketing Christian Book , it is important that you use a Christian Book Marketing Company that understands the Christian Book Marketplace arena. Whether it be creating an author's website, writing a book review, author press release, expanded online marketing, social media marketing, the steps that you take are very important. Don't entrust your new book release to just any book marketing program.

Read what other authors say about the services of CBM Christian Book Marketing.

Christian Author Lynnie Lang 

My Testimonial of the wonderful assistance received from CBM I guess I would begin with the surprising email I received from Smitty. It felt personal and to the point. I had two books already published, yet was at a standstill on what and how to do anything else with them. I had many questions, fears, apprehensions, and doubts about doing anything online. Never mind not knowing how to do marketing or distributing was definitely holding me back! Smitty was patient with me, and simply and precisely explained each step to be taken to introduce me as a Christian Author. He not only answered all my questions, but relieved all anxieties; and I began to experience an excitement I thought I would never get back again! Thank you, Smitty, for your encouragement and patiently helping me take the next steps. ~ God bless you and CBM.

                                                                                            Christian Author Lynnie Lang

Christian Author Kirk Lewis 

After the release of my first book, Put Away Childish Things, I found that writing the book was the easy part. The challenge came as I began to spread the word about the book beyond my circle of friends. CBM Christian Book Marketing provided a degree of expertise in the field that I did not possess. Their contacts in the industry proved helpful in creating a broader presence in the Christian marketplace. When I released The Chase I came immediately to CBM to take advantage of their insight and knowledge to help me gain exposure much earlier in my sales process.
"Smitty and others seem to care sincerely about my success. I'm grateful for the relationship and the positive impact CBM has already made on my sales. If you get a chance to work with them, I think you will find it an overwhelmingly positive experience." Dr. Kirk Lewis