A Special Thank You & Open Invitation For The Christian Author

Dear Authors,

~~~ First, we welcome our two newest authors to CBM, Author Chris Tatevosian who authored Life Interrupted It's Not All About Me, and also Author Elaine Cooper author of The Road To Deer Run. Both authors took us up on the offer to have a independent authors page at CBM and we are happy to have you aboard.

~~~ We also welcome Author Judy LeBlanc author of Theology 101 In Bite Size Pieces who has chosen to market her new book with us using a variety of our services. It is a pleasure to work with you Judy.

~~~ Between now and December 31st, we are offering single author pages at CBM for $39.95 per year. Come January 1st we will either dramatically increase the price for a authors page or may only occasionally offer them to authors that use our promotional and book marketing packages.

Here's What Having Your Own Authors Page At CBM Includes:

~~~ Having your own authors page at Christian Book Marketing provides you with additional book marketing and exposes you as a author and your Christian book title to the masses.

~~~ CBM Christian Book Marketing can be found on hundreds of Christian sites, author book related sites, additional sites, plus the major search engines. We hold excellent page positioning on major search engines under various title and word searches and CBM Christian Book Marketing has participated in the marketing of titles that have hit the best sellers list. Plus we have a very intense marketing program for 2011 that will further expand our territory and reach.

This is for a full page and includes the following:

~~~ We provide book cover resizing and uploading, web page designing, editing, web page maintaining, social community buttons, and marketing with regards to your page at Christian Book Marketing.

1. You must be a published, soon to be published, POD or self published author. (we except new book releases in advance)

2. You must provide us with a .jpg of your book cover, a description of your book and the link to which site you want your page associated to.

3. You must provide us with your full name, book title and any other information that we request pertaining to your authors page. Our desire is to provide you with a professional authors page, our readers with a great online experience, all while taking into consideration the site layout, SEO and overall appearance for you, our clients and viewing readership.

4. There will be a link on our home page with your name as author that leads to your authors page at Christian Book Marketing and an additional link from your authors page to a page or site of your choice.

5. Payment is required in advance and we only accept payment via PayPal.

~~~ The fee until December 31st, is a whopping $39.00 per year. After the 1st of the year the prices will increase and this service may only be available to authors that have used our promotional and book marketing packages.

~~~ Interested authors may e-mail us the above required information for review, if approved ( many will be) we will respond with a e-mail and money request through PayPal.

~~~ "You may also provide us with a link to information that we can retrieve to create your authors page, if that is easier for you.

Many blessings,
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