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A Must Read for every Christian who wants to know God’s Kingdom Principles and Strategies for Effective Prayer in the End Times ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

The book Finishing Strong in the End Times by Felix Jegede, Ph.D is the second book of a three-book series written by the author. As mentioned on the cover the author presents – Understanding God’s Principles for Effective Prayers to Finish Strong! 

Centered on effective prayer strategies for families, individuals and communities, the author has developed this book by spending sometimes weeks in prayer and fasting. The author states that it is monumentally important for the Saints to know how to pray and how to access God’s intervention for End Time occurrences and provision. With a Biblical view of End Time events, the author’s additional purpose is to, “Remove The Anxiety. Gain Access Into the Presence of God Most High.”

Divided into two sections, both offer a Biblical foundation with Scripture application and explanation of the battles we face, our spiritual armor and also gives a step-by-step guide to a life of dedication and holiness unto God. First presenting an overview of events of the wickedness that will increase upon the Earth, the author compares the End Times like a mighty raging storm colliding with two opposite winds of good versus evil. Comprehensive in nature the author offers keys to staying strong from a scriptural standpoint filled with faith and obedience to become like a wise virgin.

Written for the modern day we live in, and laying a firm foundation of Biblical principles, readers gain insight on what this means for their day-to-day activities as Saints and where to put their focus. Considered to be a resource guide, God’s heavenly economy is revealed and the author teaches readers how to operate within the Kingdom, expecting mighty results. Prayer as incense centralize the book that give inspiration and encouragement to all to living a redeemed and sanctified lifestyle that will result in a special place of security for the Elect of God. 

This knowledge, coupled with effective prayers on all areas of life: marriage, family, home, finances, bring protection for the people of God as evil and natural disasters increase upon the Earth. Keys and written prayers are offered to help “open the doors of Heaven” while the book reveals the Saints’ authority and position as God’s Elect is explained in detail.

Reigning as Kings and Priests becomes a way of life as the author offers a simple and easy to understand overview of God’s ways, His Word as empowered by the Holy Spirit, that share what each believer must stand in to finish strong until the End Time harvest and the Lord’s return. This is a highly recommended read for the hour that we live in today.

Felix Jegede Ph.D
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars