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We specialize in Christian Author Promotions and Book Marketing providing targeted online marketing to Christian Authors within our network of Christian sites and blogs.

If you are tired of running around joining sites and communities, interacting with other authors and trying to create buzz for your books, we understand where you are coming from. It's time consuming.

Many times authors spend endless hours trying the self promotions and marketing route only to end up disappointed in the end. Few find success.

Other times and especially the self published author or those using print on demand publishers soon find out that the available means for author promotions and book marketing falls short and especially with regards to the in print book data bases that house gazillions of other authors and their books. Authors soon find out that most print on demand publishers publish and print books, yet provide very little author promotions and book marketing other than the standard.

At Christian Book Marketing, we provide authors with author promotions and book marketing that attracts Christian readers and book lovers. All of our sites and blogs have been online for years, are well established and have a national and worldwide audience.

We offer marketing programs on 25 sites, 50 sites, 75 sites and up to 100 sites. All of our Christian sites and blogs share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, Kingdom principles, the word of God, salvation, encouragement and hope. Now that's Good News!

We also help authors that do not have a author website or blog to create one. Many times authors do not have the experience or knowledge to design and create a authors site or find themselves dependent upon the standard single pages that their publisher has provided them with. Every author needs his or her own authors site or blog that showcases their book, the book description, book reviews, about the author and where and how to order their books. We can help.

Regardless of what your needs are. Maybe just some advice or directions . Maybe some help creating and launching your own authors site or maybe your in need of some expanded online author promotions and book marketing. Again, we can help.

Please take the time to view some of the links on the right side which will share valuable information with you, many of our sites, our services, what others say about us and feel free to contact us. We will create a author promotions and book marketing package for you that will get you the marketing you deserve and within a well established Christian network of sites.

Is Your Book Worth 27/7/ 365 Days Of Book Marketing? The Answer Should Be Yes!

Christian Book Marketing

Professional Book Trailer Creations & Productions

You don't have to pay a arm and a leg for a quality
book trailer. I have had authors come to me sharing starting prices of over $300.00 for a pretty simple productions. Look no further. View the following video and contact us. We can work with you to create a quality book trailer that showcases you as author and your book.

Book trailers are a must for every authors. Authors and publishers alike use the power and effectiveness of book trailers to market books. The movie industry has used movie trailers for years to promote and market movies. Today book trailers are a part of the book industry and used by the industries # 1 publishers and million seller authors.

They are powerful, affective and a vital marketing tool. The problem is that they can be expensive depending upon the production and most authors shy away from the cost and don't realize the investment.

The following book trailer video offers a very cost affective book trailer that provides affective and powerful book trailer marketing that doesn't cost a arm and a leg.

Custom Book Trailer Creations & Productions Made Simple. Powerful, Affective & Affordable.