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CBM offers a variety of packages for Christian authors with regards to author promotions and book marketing needs. We have the ability to place your book on 100 great Christian author / book related sites through a variety of services such as: 
  • Author Site Creations
  • CBM Book Reviews / 100 site Book Review Marketing Packages 
  • Author Press Releases Packages 
  • 100 site Author's Article Blast Packages
  • 100 site Book Blast Packages 
  • 100 site Coming Soon or New Book Release Marketing 
  • Prime Front Page Placement Packages
  • Kindle Book Promotions
  • Social Media Book Marketing
  • Video Book Trailer Production
  • Video Book Trailer Marketing
  • SEO ( search engine optimization )and other services
All of our marketing expands into additional networks, communities, social communities, directories and is found on many of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Jeeves and others. Great marketing that produces great SEO, page ranking and page positioning.

Our 100 site book marketing packages include links to the author's website, Amazon page, Kindle book page, Barnes and Noble page and NOOK Book page. We can even add your Facebook and Twitter pages.

If we might help you in getting the word out about your book, authors website, Amazon and Kindle book pages, feel free to contact us.  

Christian Book Marketing - Getting The Word Out

Publishing a Christian book is a huge task. I'm sure that most authors would agree that writing the book is the fun part. Then comes book editing, proofreading, interior book design, layout, the print ready file, book cover design and getting your work into print or eBook form.

Yet there is another part of the equation that is just as important as all the above and something that should be well thought out and put into motion prior to publishing and releasing your new title. 

Christian Book Marketing is essential for every authors that has the desire to get the word out about their new book release.

Many times authors will wait until their books are published and available to pursue a book marketing plan. This is a huge mistake simply because it takes time to put a marketing plan in order and into motion. Consider the following:
The above are just a few of the things that every author needs to put into place and into motion prior to their book being released, as their book is being released and as follow up marketing after their book hits the marketing.

If you are getting ready to publish a book or have just released one, contact Smitty at CBM Christian Book Marketing at kingdomexpansion1 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com 

Don't wait until it's too late to put your marketing plan into place. It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to book sales.

Assistant Pastor, Director, Author releases A Wonderful Christian Fiction Series

Author JR Thompson releases, The Worthy Battle Seriesheart-felt Christian fictional books displaying themes of redemption in the rescuing of teenagers on the brink.

JR Thompson has been an advocate for youth for over eighteen years. As a current assistant pastor and director of Canaan’s Land Boys Ranch, his love for under-privileged youth spans a lifetime of service as a mentor, housing foster children, as an adoptive parent, and also as a director for at-risk youth programs. 

His love and sacrifice remind us all what love looks like to those youth that are our future. Many youths today need loving guidance and a Biblical foundation. 

Rebuilding Alden - Alden is a delinquent youth bent on destroying himself. With abusive and violent tendencies, he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones whose tough love and sacrificial service give Alden a fighting chance. This story offers an endearing look at the story of a rebellious teenager redeemed by the love of God. Bones sometimes unconventional ways bring suspense and intrigue to a story that turns out better than expected!

Redirecting Billy – Book 2 in The Worthy Battle Series depicts a young boy named Billy whose scheming, lying and thievery are a way of life. Defiant and a possible gang banger, Billy’s life consists of drugs and hussling which are no big deal to Billy. He also sees nothing wrong with usury and making the government pay for his way while he sits at home doing whatever his young heart wills. Billy is easily angered and believes a life of crime is his only future until he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones. Bones is determined to teach this young man integrity, respect and hard work as a way to success instead of living the life of the streets.

Reprogramming Carlos – Book 3 in The Worthy Series presents Carlos Estrada. A classic clown with no cares in the world. His choice of function is to not take anything seriously. His immaturity is an embarrassment and he is on a path to becoming known as a possible sex offender. In this series, Bones questions whether or not he can help this kid who just does not seem to care about anything. In this heart-wrenching series, a rollercoaster ride of emotions culminates into a story that will make you jump for joy.

Reforming Dawson – Book 4 in The Worthy Battle Series, Dawson, a rich kid born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth thinks his money is what makes him better than everyone else. And worse, Dawson thinks his bribes and temptations will sway Bones from treating him the same as everyone else. It’s obvious Dawson needs a strong reality check and needs to learn the value of good day’s work with a firm lesson on the value of money. With his work cut out for him, Bones proceeds to teach Dawson valuable life lessons that will he will appreciate, once he learns his money can’t save him.

Renovating Elliot – Book 5 in The Worthy Battle Series, Elliot depicts a young boy drowning his problems with alcohol abuse and illegal activity. He seems to like being bad, but his friends realize that Elliot is on his way down into a spiraling death spin that will leave him at the bottom with no way out. But that doesn’t scare Elliot. He likes being in control and no one will tell him what to do – that’s until Probation Officer Phillip Bones gets a hold of him. Bones is in for a battle and a spiritual one at that with this kid! Readers will cheer for joy as they watch Elliot’s transformation. 

Refurbishing Felipe – Book 6 in The Worthy Series, Refurbishing Elliot takes readers on a thrill ride of emotions and into a deep spiritual battle for Felipe’s mind. Controlled by outbursts and radical mood swings, Felipe’s bipolar episodes seemed to be spiraling out of control. His grandparents thought he would outgrow his mood swings but are worried that they are leading Felipe down a very dark path. Bones thinks he has a way of helping Felipe without the use of drugs since Felipe refuses to take his medication; Bones is everyone’s last chance. Felipe and Bones are in for the fight of their life. Will darkness succumb to the light?  

The Worthy Battle Series, is a collection of real-life battles, giving insight into the spiritual battle. These Christian fiction novels have a theme of redemption and restoration for today’s youth. The author has created a unique series that touches on controversial subjects that face our youth of today. With compassion and tough love, the books present an overcoming victory in the face of adversity and youthful rebellion.

For more information visit JR Thompson's Amazon page

Living Life To The Fullest

How can I know joy (in ALL circumstances)? 

This is a story about a journey to joy. It's three stories actually: 1. Jesus’ Journey to Joy, 2. My Journey to Joy, and 3. Your Journey to Joy. 

We all experience our share of good times and bad times – often concurrently. How great it would be to know joy through every station of life’s journey! That's the question this guide seeks to answer. Because to know joy not in a few circumstances, not in most circumstances, but in ALL circumstances is life changing! 

Designed for individuals, small group Bible studies, families, and challenge-seekers, A Family Guide to Joy (in ALL Circumstances), will encourage you on Your Journey to Joy: 1. You’ll be inspired by Jesus’ Journey to Joy. 2. You’ll learn over 100 lessons you can apply to your life. 3. You’ll think and talk through over 80 targeted questions about your own Journey to Joy. 4. You’ll be issued a challenge at the end of each chapter – 12 in all – that will grow your faith.

A Family Guide to Joy (in ALL Circumstances) is a quick read about how we can know joy by following Jesus through all of our trials. You’ll look at joy in a completely new way! 

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Children's Book

Cole's Perfect Puppy is the first in a series of Christian novels for young readers 7-12. 

Children's author Frances Crossno weaves a delightful tale that uses Cole’s mission to bring the mischievous golden retriever puppy, Scarlet, home to teach children lessons of friendship, sacrifice and the true meaning of God’s perfect love. Both boys and girls with enjoy this story of faith, family and of course - puppies!

Cole’s Perfect Puppy introduces young readers everywhere to Cole, his younger brother Caleb and their new friend Rachel. When Cole meets the “perfect puppy” after a mad chase through the mall, he hopes for her arrival under the tree on Christmas morning. But alas, it’s not meant to be. 

Instead, Cole embarks on an adventure to find a way to earn enough money, and get permission, to bring the golden retriever puppy home—learning a few life lessons along the way.
From learning how to be thankful for the gift of his first “pet”, the pot-bellied pig Dandy Danny, to the merits of hard work and the true meaning of the power of prayer, Cole’s journey isn’t without a few hiccups.  ~ Cole's Pefect Puppy is available at Amazon

Christian Book Marketing - Christmas Book Release

Jesus Christ The Joy of Christmas will bless you with the very beauty and joy that Christmas has to offer. 

We all need to come to know and truly understand the very good news and great joy of the birth of the Messiah. As the Scriptures say, “While they were there, the time came for her to deliver her child. And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn. In that region there were shepherds living in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. Then an angel of the Lord stood before them and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid, for see I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people. To you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord’ “ (Luke 2:6-11). Christ is the joy of the living hearts. This book will share Christmas with you in new and fresh ways that will fill your heart with love, peace and joy that only comes from above.

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Authors Wanted

Let's Publish!! AND YOU ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE: The book will be a collection of short articles (writings) from various Christian authors just like you. 

CBM Christian Book Publishing will handle all the editing, file creation, book cover creation and marketing of the book throughout 2018 and beyond. 

Included :

~ Editing 
~ File Creation
~ Book Cover Creation
~ Author Book Blog Creation
~ New Book Release Pre-Marketing
~ CBM Book Review and 100 site Book Review Marketing Package
~ CBM Author Press Release Package / Marketing
~ CBM Video Book Trailer Production / Marketing
~ CBM Social Media Book Blast  Marketing
~ Author Page at CBM Christian Book Marketing
~ Mention of each author who participates in some of the above
~ We will be expanding the above marketing with additional marketing services to help get the word out about the book.

Your Part: Write something original around your favorite scripture or something that is a testimony of God's love faithfulness and promises. Remember, the whole purpose of the book is to bless and encourage others so that opens the door to endless topics and subjects, like Love, Grace, Mercy, Salvation, Trust, God's Word, Healing, Miracles, The Power of Prayer, Overcoming Sorrow, Overcoming Depression, Restoration, God's Promises, Personal Testimonies, etc. Blink, someone already thought of a great topic. Maybe that is you?

The Article: The overall word count of the book will be set at 80,000 words, give or take. With 40 authors participating, each author's article will need to be 2,000 words or less which calculates out to approximately 8 pages at 250 words per page. Remember, it is not how much you write or say, but rather the life changing testimony or article that you write. Dig deep, each of you have something profound to share. Something that God has sown into you that is life-changing.

It is written that we overcome by the blood of the lamb of God and the word of our testimony. Each of you are overcomers and each of you are filled with volumes of testimonies. Life changing testimonies or pearls as we like to call them. Let's share them with the world.

Credits and Other: Each author's name will be credited on each article, for example "written by Author John Doe, author of Faith Restored." For multi-published authors, we would make mention of up to three of your published books at the end of your article. In the back of the book, we would also make mention of each author, their books coupled with the site address to each author's author site or author's blog. Each author will also receive a seal of publication with the name of the book to showcase on their website, author's blog, or to share by email. Each author will also be mentioned on the Author Book Blog with links back to their author's website, or author's blog. Lots of free marketing within this for each of you.

For further information contact Smitty at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Christian Book Marketing - New Christian Book Releases

Here's a fun site that shares a variety of Christian Books. From self published Christian authors, published Christian authors, award winning Christian authors, best selling Christian authors, there is something for everyone.

You will find links associated to each book or article that shares the author's website, authors page, book page or Amazon book page where you will find more information about the author and their books. 

Christian Book Marketing - Great Christian Books

If you are looking for some great Christian books, visit Authors Pressed where you will find Christian books, Christian book reviews, author press releases and other information about some of the latest Christian book releases by some fantastic authors.

On the right and left side of the site, you will see various book cover images. Each book cover is a live link that when clicked on will take you to either the author's website or Amazon page. In the center of the site you will find additional information as you scroll down about various Christian book releases.

If you are interested in publishing your first Christian book release or in need of exposure for your book , contact Smitty at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Authors, Short Stories, Testimonies Wanted

Would you like to be a part of our next new Christian book release? Authors for Christ is a group of Christian authors that come together to share the love and faithfulness of God through a collective book of short stories, testimonies, teachings and articles 
Here are a few of our release:
Stories Of Hope - A collection of over 40 Christian authors showcasing their talents ~ each short story or article contains not only practical biblical teaching, but stories of hope, inspiration, edification, encouragement and testimonies that will no doubt leave an imprint upon one’s soul.
Truly a wonderful collective work by various authors with the heart to share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, the free gift of salvation and give Glory to God while sharing testimonies of God's goodness in their lives.


Life With Christ: How Faithful He Is - A collection of life-changing teachings, testimonies, short stories and miracles that share the goodness of God, His faithfulness, the Word of God, encouragement and hope.

With testimonies from Pastors, Bible teachers, Ministers, Evangeslist,  Christian counselors, scholars, businessmen and women, Life With Christ is full of wisdom, heavenly pearls and daily bread for the reader.


Let Hope Arise - A collection of over 40 Christian authors sharing life changing testimonies filled with hope, encouragement, and Biblical teachings on such topics as prayer, salvation, healing, the miracles of God, stories of redemption, the love of God, and much more, each offering a wonderful perspective of living a life in the Kingdom.

Hope is powerful, life changing, and brings joy to the heart. It is like water to the thirsty soul!

Christian Book Marketing - The Christian Book Marketplace

Promoting a Christian book release requires more than what most publishers can provide. Most publishers are in the business of publishing books yet offer very little in after care. We hear it day after day from Christian authors who have used various publishers.

Long before we started assisting Christian authors in publishing their books, we spent over 5 years developing marketing strategies and building one of the largest online independent Christian networks online that taps into the Christian Marketplace. Our goal was to be able to offer Christian authors expanded online Christian book marketing and author promotion first and then moving into other aspects of Christian book publishing.

Whether you are looking for book editing, proofreading, interior book design and layout, print ready files for publishing, book cover designs, publishing assistance or Christian Book Marketing, we can help.

Visit our main website at Christian Book Marketing for more information or contact Smitty at

CBM Christian Book Reviews - Christian Review

A Must Read for every Christian who wants to know God’s Kingdom Principles and Strategies for Effective Prayer in the End Times ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

The book Finishing Strong in the End Times by Felix Jegede, Ph.D is the second book of a three-book series written by the author. As mentioned on the cover the author presents – Understanding God’s Principles for Effective Prayers to Finish Strong! 

Centered on effective prayer strategies for families, individuals and communities, the author has developed this book by spending sometimes weeks in prayer and fasting. The author states that it is monumentally important for the Saints to know how to pray and how to access God’s intervention for End Time occurrences and provision. With a Biblical view of End Time events, the author’s additional purpose is to, “Remove The Anxiety. Gain Access Into the Presence of God Most High.”

Divided into two sections, both offer a Biblical foundation with Scripture application and explanation of the battles we face, our spiritual armor and also gives a step-by-step guide to a life of dedication and holiness unto God. First presenting an overview of events of the wickedness that will increase upon the Earth, the author compares the End Times like a mighty raging storm colliding with two opposite winds of good versus evil. Comprehensive in nature the author offers keys to staying strong from a scriptural standpoint filled with faith and obedience to become like a wise virgin.

Written for the modern day we live in, and laying a firm foundation of Biblical principles, readers gain insight on what this means for their day-to-day activities as Saints and where to put their focus. Considered to be a resource guide, God’s heavenly economy is revealed and the author teaches readers how to operate within the Kingdom, expecting mighty results. Prayer as incense centralize the book that give inspiration and encouragement to all to living a redeemed and sanctified lifestyle that will result in a special place of security for the Elect of God. 

This knowledge, coupled with effective prayers on all areas of life: marriage, family, home, finances, bring protection for the people of God as evil and natural disasters increase upon the Earth. Keys and written prayers are offered to help “open the doors of Heaven” while the book reveals the Saints’ authority and position as God’s Elect is explained in detail.

Reigning as Kings and Priests becomes a way of life as the author offers a simple and easy to understand overview of God’s ways, His Word as empowered by the Holy Spirit, that share what each believer must stand in to finish strong until the End Time harvest and the Lord’s return. This is a highly recommended read for the hour that we live in today.

Felix Jegede Ph.D
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Christian Book Review - Instructions to the Growing Church

From Alpha to Omega: An Overview of the Bible
Christian Author Stanley Rasberry

In his new book release From Alpha to Omega: An Overview of the Bible by Stanley D. Rasberry offers to readers a “short handbook of the Bible” to assist readers in understanding the Bible, from beginning to end. Rightly named, From Alpha to Omega, (in Greek meaning “the beginning” and “the end”) the author begins with the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation, 66 books covered in all. 

Grouped into 15 separate sections and a List of Tables, the author has made the Bible easy to understand. His purpose is to help readers know time periods, meanings and messages, the authors of the relevant sections and how this intertwines with us today in this modern-day age. 

Readers will come to understand the Bible as a book of prophecy that has told the beginning and the end of the human race, giving instructions on how to live, the origin of sin, man and the many centuries that have passed since the beginning of time. The author states, “With it in hand, the reader can see the Bible with fresh eyes.”(p.v).

This is a must-read and complimentary to anyone wanting to understand the meaning of life, their purpose with focus on The Old and New Covenants, the Gospels, Jesus, and God’s divine plans for humanity and the future End Time scenario. With such sections as: Alpha: Jesus and the Eons, Two Men: Job and Mel, Chosen People, Escape from Egypt, Covenants, Laws and Sacrifices, Promised Land, Three Kings, Wisdom and Songs, Six Empires, Two Captivities, One Restoration, The Gospels, The New Church, Instructions to the Growing Church, Omega: The Revelation of Jesus, with discussions on the Early Church years and study group sessions, the author has given a complete overview. Additional Tables give valuable information such as: The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Ten Commandments, the Feasts and Festivals, The Judges, Psalms Themes, Abbreviated Timelines, The Kings after Solomon, and so much more that add to the scope of the book.

With the inclusion of the original Greek in sections the author begins with Scripture and introduces succinctly and concisely each historical event in the corresponding book of the Bible. Suggested reading is to read each section. Then, if desired, read the referenced Bible material covered in the Bible (i.e., Genesis, and so on). Designed for the mature and new Christian alike, this handbook is an excellent resource that makes understanding the Bible, easy, convenient and fascinating.

Highly, highly recommended for all Christians, pastors, Bible instructors, lay teachers and counselors, Bible study groups or individuals seeking to better understand the Bible and God’s divine blueprint for planet Earth and all of humanity. Condensed and concise (only 222 pages), this book would also be a good book for professors to add to their list of required reading in Bible schools and degree programs.

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Books On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to get the word out about your new or already published Christian book. Setting up a Twitter account is very easy if you simply follow the steps. You can see our Twitter account at Author Book Promo.

While having a Twitter page is great, it should be only an extension of a much more in depth book marketing plan, however, building a following on Twitter is a huge plus.

For more information simply visit Twitter.

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Book Reviews

Christian Book Reviews by CBM. - Spiritual Warfare: Unlocking the Path to Victory by Dr. Johnny Funderberg focuses Christians by way of a two-fold strategy: knowing our enemy and equipping ourselves in the Lord to stand strong. With Ephesians 6:10-20 of Scripture, informing all of the nature of evil in the world and war each person faces on the Earth. We have a choice which Kingdom to choose: light or darkness, God or Satan. The default is Satan, but as the author gives hope to readers, Jesus has a better way.

Further stating the overwhelming evidence of a spiritual war that wages over our lives, souls, our families, communities, nations and the entire Earth, this war is unseen. If you don’t believe, then that is your destruction. For those who do believe understand there is an enemy waging war against them, looking to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Thus in this book the author sheds light on the battle that we wage and gives the Armor of God so we will understand and be able to use it in battle. Therefore, the path to unlocking the path to victory in Christ is clearly written. This is a Biblically based and foundational Christian teaching that is simple to read and understand. Understanding spiritual warfare will open blind eyes and purify hearts, enabling others to be effective in their Christian walk, and teaches others how to overcome. 

Insightful, encouraging and enlightening, the author begins with a short true story of a man that battled this spiritual battle after coming down with cancer. His story is not unique, something, some unseen stronghold held him in bondage and kept him captive. Therefore, he was unable to see through pride and unable to even pray when the time came. God came and rescued him just before his death. The author uses this story as a springboard into the spiritual battle that we are all in – whether you believe or don’t believe. Additionally, sharing a story of his daughter who he stood in the gap for, thus revealing Satan’s and God’s ability in spiritual warfare. Readers will appreciate how the author relates his experiences, battles, worldviews that include the different levels a person can have in their worldview.

Such chapters as: Introduction, The Battlegrounds, Our Enemy, The Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Shoes of Peace, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit, Prayer, Examples of Spiritual Warfare from the Bible and Endnotes, readers will understand how to fight, how to rest and how to overcome by the weapons God has given us.

Title: Spiritual Warfare: Unlocking the Path to Victory
By: Dr. Johnny Funderberg
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

This is a MUST READ for all Christians, whether new or mature in the faith. This book is especially recommended for new believers so they might understand the battle, their enemy that roars like a lion to devour them and learn how to fight so as not become a prey to the enemy. 

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Authors Wanted For New Book Release

Christian Authors, Writers wanted - Come And Be A Part Of CBM's Next Christian Book Release.

Authors for Christ is a collection of Christian authors, writers who have joined together to share the wonderful love, grace, mercy and power of living a life in Jesus Christ.

From teachings on faith, the promises of God, healing, spiritual warfare, the blessings of giving, issues of the heart, the power of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, prayer, supernatural miracles, hope, Kingdom principles and testimonies that minister to the reader. Our latest release, Life With Christ is filled with blessings.

Life With Christ: How Faithful He Is - A collection of life-changing teachings, testimonies, short stories and miracles that share the goodness of God, His faithfulness, the Word of God, encouragement and hope.

With testimonies from Pastors, Bible teachers, Ministers, Evangeslist,  Christian counselors, scholars, businessmen and women, Life With Christ is full of wisdom, heavenly pearls and daily bread for the reader.

If you would like to be a part of our next Christian book release and share your heart, testimony, article, short story or teaching contact Smitty at

We also assist Christian authors in all phases of self publishing a Christian book. If you have a book that is in the works and your need help in the publishing process, we can help you and help you save a lot of money in the process.

Christian Book Marketing - Book Cover Image DPI

For those of you creating your own book cover design it is important that the photo that you use is set at 300 DPI. What does DPI stand for? Dots Per Inch.

While there are many programs available that can be downloaded onto your computer for photo enhancing, there are also some online sites where you can upload your photos, make changes and download your corrected version to your computer.

Here is a site that you can access that will allow you to change the DPI of most photos for use with a book cover, other printed materials or for online use.


  1. Enter your desired DPI (dots per inch). A common setting is 200 or 300.
  2. Upload your image by clicking the blue button (or just drag your file onto the ellipse). The conversion will begin immediately.
  3. Download your converted image. The download should begin automatically (if not, click the blue link).

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Authors

As Christian authors, we know that God has sown some very valuable seeds into your life, pearls so to speak. We understand the love, faith, dedication and hard work that you have put into your book and we as servants of God want to simply be used of God to sow those seeds and blessings into the hearts and lives of others. So while we have an obligation to you as an author to do our very best, we also have an obligation before the Lord to do our very best and we take both seriously.

It’s a huge ocean out there online with millions of sites and millions upon millions of daily Internet users. Many times authors believe that once they publish their book and create a author’s site or page that they will become a overnight success. Others believe that once their book is released and found on Amazon, available in Kindle and on other high quality book sites, that they will automatically start selling copies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The competition is fierce and countless other authors just like you are all competing for sales.  

Without professional author promotions and tapping into that huge online ocean, it’s like trying to go fishing with one pole and no bait. You must create an online presence and market yourself as a author while promoting and marketing your book and author’s site. Networking and utilizing the power of a well established network is a must. 

For more information visit the Christian Author Promotions page.

Christian Book Marketing - ChristianWriters Forum

ChristianWriters Forum is a great place to interact with other authors and writers. Membership is free, they have a great forum with lots of great content and some pretty nice members. 

From Writing and Publishing, Critique and Feedback, Project Connections, Writers Markets, Open Forum and Meets and Greets, there is something for everyone. Total topics to date, 11,450 - total posts 61,990. 

Christian Book Marketing - WriteWord

Here is a great site for those who write articles, posts, short stories or that are trying to either overcome repetitive word use or are trying to weave words in for SEO. This is really a simple yet fantastic tool.

The word frequency counter allows you to count the frequency usage of each word in your text by simply pasting it into a box and converting it. 

Once you convert your writing, the converter gives you the results. ~ WriteWord

Christian Book Marketing - 8 Reasons Why To Use CBM's Christian Book Review Services

CBM Christian Book Reviews 

Don't entrust your Christian book to just any book review service. There are book review services and there is CBM's Christian Book Marketing's Book Review Services and while we can tell you why you should use CBM's Book Review Services, read what the following Christian authors say.
  • It is with great pleasure I take this opportunity to praise God on behalf of my CBM Christian Book Reviews. Thank you, CBM for professionally creating the marketing package for my book as a new author. Christian Author Marie Nadeige Maurice 
  • I am so pleased with my CBM Christian Book Review and Smitty who did an excellent review of my little Christian Book, The GIFT. Smitty is a gift with his creative writing talent, desire to please AND help aspiring Christian authors market their books. CBM Christian Book Marketing is eager to help, encouraging, and easy to work with. ~ Christian Author Lila Senter
  • I have used CBM Christian Book Marketing for a variety of services. Working with Smitty is a true pleasure. He is always professional and Christ-like. It is obvious that CBM is not only a business but also a ministry. Smitty is always accommodating making sure the services are exactly as I want them. I have used their services for two books and have been well pleased with every service they have rendered. Pastor and Christian Author, Rusty Kuhn
  • I returned to CBM to have my second book reviewed, because they did such a good job with the first one. And I am delighted again. Both reviews are thorough, professionally structured, and obviously written by someone who knows and more importantly cares about the subject. Needless to say, such reviews are very important indeed. I am very grateful to CBM, and I highly recommend their service. Christian Author William Luke
  • It is with deep gratitude and joy that I would like to thank CBM for their support of my book, "Liberating Inner Eve." My experience of working with Smitty is that he does his upmost to be of service to Christian authors, helping them to navigate through, the often unfamiliar, marketing world. And, he is a pleasure to work with. It is an uplifting experience to be collaborating together-combining our unique areas of expertise, in the service of helping others to find much empowerment within their Christian faith. With many thanks. Christian Author Bozena Zawisz
  • Smitty, you are the best marketing promoter the Lord has ever had! I believe you have the authors, the kingdom and your company's best interest in hand. The review is beautifully written and excites me all over again. I am very impressed with you and your company.Christian Author Dolores Lee
  • I am so very thankful for the professional, accurate and truthful review of One Life to Give and the many outlets you have listed the review with. May God continue to bless you with such a special ministry you have for Christian authors, well-known, not-so-well-known, and some first-timers such as myself. It is a great a joy to know my book is in very good hands. ~ Christian Author Rick Blaisdell
  • My experience with CBM Christian Book Marketing has been truly a God given experience. The group is very professional. I received great reviews as a result of CBM Christian Book Marketing and most importantly, was able to get the message of my book to places that before were unavailable. I have tracked hits on my website for a year now. About 3 months ago, an average day was 500 hits with 800 exceptional. I now have 2,500 – 3,200 hits per day putting me at 265,000 hits in a year. I cannot thank you enough CBM Christian Book Marketing! Christian Author Samantha Ryan Chandler
CBM Christian Book Reviews, setting the standard of excellence and integrity. 

Christian Book Marketing - Helping Christian Authors

It is with deep gratitude and joy that I would like to thank CBM Christian Book Marketing for their support of my book, Liberating Inner Eve.

My experience of working with Smitty is that he does his up most to be of service to Christian authors, helping them to navigate through, the often unfamiliar, marketing world.

CBM Christian Book Marketing is a pleasure to work with. It is an
uplifting experience to be collaborating together-combining our unique areas of expertise, in the service of helping others to find much empowerment within their Christian faith. With many thanks, Bozena Zawisz,

For more information about promoting your book contact Christian Book Marketing.

Christian Book Publishing Services

CBM Christian Book Publishing, helping Christian authors publish their Christian books to the Glory of God. 

At CBM we not only help Christian authors to promote their books, but we also assist in the Christian book publishing phase.Our goal is to help you publish your Christian book, gain exposure, receive great royalties, coupled with great author book ordering prices that save you money in the process. 

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