Christian Book Marketing - Christian Authors, Short Stories, Testimonies Wanted

Would you like to be a part of our next new Christian book release? Authors for Christ is a group of Christian authors that come together to share the love and faithfulness of God through a collective book of short stories, testimonies, teachings and articles 
Here are a few of our release:
Stories Of Hope - A collection of over 40 Christian authors showcasing their talents ~ each short story or article contains not only practical biblical teaching, but stories of hope, inspiration, edification, encouragement and testimonies that will no doubt leave an imprint upon one’s soul.
Truly a wonderful collective work by various authors with the heart to share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, the free gift of salvation and give Glory to God while sharing testimonies of God's goodness in their lives.


Life With Christ: How Faithful He Is - A collection of life-changing teachings, testimonies, short stories and miracles that share the goodness of God, His faithfulness, the Word of God, encouragement and hope.

With testimonies from Pastors, Bible teachers, Ministers, Evangeslist,  Christian counselors, scholars, businessmen and women, Life With Christ is full of wisdom, heavenly pearls and daily bread for the reader.


Let Hope Arise - A collection of over 40 Christian authors sharing life changing testimonies filled with hope, encouragement, and Biblical teachings on such topics as prayer, salvation, healing, the miracles of God, stories of redemption, the love of God, and much more, each offering a wonderful perspective of living a life in the Kingdom.

Hope is powerful, life changing, and brings joy to the heart. It is like water to the thirsty soul!