Christian Book Marketing - Christian Book Review Marketing

If you have ever visited Amazon when considering purchasing a book, I'm sure that you have read some of the book reviews posted on the book's Amazon page. There are also times when you visit a book's Amazon page and there are no book reviews posted for a particular book. 

An Amazon page with no book reviews is a huge negative for any book. It says that either no one has purchased the book or that they didn't find the book worthy to write a book review. 

Book reviews are very important. They give creditabilty to an authors book, they provide an opinion about the author's book and they provide book lovers an opportunity to read beyond the book's book description.

If you have a book listed on Amazon, invite family and friends to purchase your book and write an honest book review. 

Taking it a step further. Book reviews make for an excellent marketing tool. Just as when someone visits Amazon or any other online bookstore, book reviews can be posted on Christian sites that showcase your book providing the reader with a perfect opportunity to read about your book. 

For further information about how to use a book review as a powerful marketing tool that will not only promote your book, but also various sites where your book can be purchased at, visit CBM Christian Book Reviews and find out how CBM can share your book's book review on hundreds of Christian sites.