Christian Book Marketing - Book Cover Image DPI

For those of you creating your own book cover design it is important that the photo that you use is set at 300 DPI. What does DPI stand for? Dots Per Inch.

While there are many programs available that can be downloaded onto your computer for photo enhancing, there are also some online sites where you can upload your photos, make changes and download your corrected version to your computer.

Here is a site that you can access that will allow you to change the DPI of most photos for use with a book cover, other printed materials or for online use.


  1. Enter your desired DPI (dots per inch). A common setting is 200 or 300.
  2. Upload your image by clicking the blue button (or just drag your file onto the ellipse). The conversion will begin immediately.
  3. Download your converted image. The download should begin automatically (if not, click the blue link).