CBM Christian Book Review ~ A Passion for Freedom

CBM proudly presents a wonderful read that shares passion, freedom, excellence, love for God and love for country. 
A Passion for Freedom by Carl Morris is our greatest gift that offers a culmination of poetic endeavors that inspire, encourage and bring back patriotism to the great America that we live in. 

Founded on Biblical principles, one will find these poems ignited with faith, love, perseverance and wisdom. The book is dedicated to not only God, but to all the individuals who sacrificed their time and life for this great country we live in. This book is written for America to get back on track to the values that our forefathers began this great nation. It is a visionary book with insight and instigation to bring the fires of revival into your heart to make a change in the world and within families. From service to being a father, many life subjects bring hope and reminders of just what is really important in this life. This book may just be the fuel you need to begin your own journey to purpose in God and to really living.

An excellent literary experience! Highly recommended for those who value core Biblical principles, love the freedom we enjoy in America, those who want to see coming revival and a turning toward godly principles and values, for those who value family and for those visionaries who have a dream, but need the encouragement to go forward. If that describes you, then this book is for you. 

Christian Book Release: A Passion for Freedom
Christian Author: Carl Morris
Book Order Number ISBN #978-1498417013
CBM Christian Book Reviews
Scoring: 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

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