Marketing Christian Books

When it comes to Marketing Christian Book , it is important that you use a Christian Book Marketing Company that understands the Christian Book Marketplace arena. Whether it be creating an author's website, writing a book review, author press release, expanded online marketing, social media marketing, the steps that you take are very important. Don't entrust your new book release to just any book marketing program.

Read what other authors say about the services of CBM Christian Book Marketing.

Christian Author Lynnie Lang 

My Testimonial of the wonderful assistance received from CBM I guess I would begin with the surprising email I received from Smitty. It felt personal and to the point. I had two books already published, yet was at a standstill on what and how to do anything else with them. I had many questions, fears, apprehensions, and doubts about doing anything online. Never mind not knowing how to do marketing or distributing was definitely holding me back! Smitty was patient with me, and simply and precisely explained each step to be taken to introduce me as a Christian Author. He not only answered all my questions, but relieved all anxieties; and I began to experience an excitement I thought I would never get back again! Thank you, Smitty, for your encouragement and patiently helping me take the next steps. ~ God bless you and CBM.

                                                                                            Christian Author Lynnie Lang

Christian Author Kirk Lewis 

After the release of my first book, Put Away Childish Things, I found that writing the book was the easy part. The challenge came as I began to spread the word about the book beyond my circle of friends. CBM Christian Book Marketing provided a degree of expertise in the field that I did not possess. Their contacts in the industry proved helpful in creating a broader presence in the Christian marketplace. When I released The Chase I came immediately to CBM to take advantage of their insight and knowledge to help me gain exposure much earlier in my sales process.
"Smitty and others seem to care sincerely about my success. I'm grateful for the relationship and the positive impact CBM has already made on my sales. If you get a chance to work with them, I think you will find it an overwhelmingly positive experience." Dr. Kirk Lewis