Christian Authors And Expanding God's Kingdom

At Christian Book Marketing and Author Promotions, we take our authors seriously. You see your success is our success story. However, it goes much deeper than that. It’s about expanding God’s Kingdom and being a blessing to others.

As Christian authors, we know that God has sown some very valuable seeds into your life, pearls so to speak. We understand the love, faith, dedication and hard work that you have put into your book and we as servants of God want to simply be used of God to sow those seeds and blessings into the hearts and lives of others. So while we have a obligation to you as a author to do our very best, we also have a obligation before the Lord to do our very best and we take both seriously.

While we cannot guarantee that your book is going to hit the best sellers list or become a overnight sensation. We can professionally promote you as a author and market your book in the Christian Marketplace. With a network of over 150 separate online Christian sites coupled with membership in additional premiere networks, communities and social communities we have the ability to create a instant online presence for you as a author, while marketing your book and placing it in prime marketing positions. Now that’s good news!

It’s a huge ocean out there online with millions of sites and millions upon millions of daily Internet users. Many times authors believe that once they publish their book and create a authors site or page that they will become a overnight success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The competition is fierce and countless other authors like you are all competing for sales.

Without professional author promotions and tapping into that huge online ocean, it’s like trying to go fishing with one pole and no bait. You must create a online presence and market yourself as a author while promoting and marketing your book and authors site. Networking and utilizing the power of a well established network is a must.

That’s where targeted author promotions and book marketing comes into play. Creating a online presence is important and reaching Christian readers within the Christian Marketplace is equally important. So why go fishing for potential book lovers and sales with one fishing pole when you can use a net.

Our Christian network of sites provides us with the power and ability to promote and market you as a author, your book and your author’s website. While other book marketing sites offer ad space on one site with monthly renewal fees, we offer author promotions and book marketing on up to 100 separate sites for one full year with no monthly renewal fees. Sites that are all a part of a huge Christian network of sites. Further each of the sites within our network have been online for many years, are well established, have lots of great content that attracts readers, have a huge online presence and as a network ranks high on the search engines.

Further we through membership and the use of powerful feeds are also networked with other premiere networks, communities and social communities which further expands our networking, online presence, reach and marketing power.