Author Promotions & Book Marketing For The Self Published Author

For the self published author, author promotions and book marketing is just as important as the publishing of your book. Regardless of what means were used to publish the book, once published comes the task of marketing the book to potential book buyers.

Many authors believe that once they have made Amazon they will become an overnight success. So did the other million authors that simply sat back and waited for those huge royalty checks to come in.

The successful author either hires a professional marketing firm to promote them as author and market their book or they take self promotions very seriously. Either way, author promotions and book marketing doesn't come easy and the industry in very competitive. You must do your homework and find out what's availble and what will work the best for you.

Here are some pages with some information about author promotions, book marketing and the power of marketing using book trailers.

One way to find the right path towards success is to learn from other authors. After all, authors that have taken the self publishing road come to know the good, the bad and the right down ugly that a author can encounter when it comes to self publishing, author promotions and book marketing. Take your time, breath deep and do your homework.